Sandeep Yedla



Welcome to my website!! I am Sandeep Yedla, a recent graduate from The University Of Texas at Dallas, majored in Information Technology. Prior to my Master's I had 4+ years of work experience, as a Senior Systems Engineer on Data Platform at Infosys. During my Masters, I had 2 Internships, one as a Software Engineer intern at Neiman Marcus and the other as a Data Engineer/Analyst at CBL.

I am a Data-driven Professional, with a great understanding and experience in Python Programming, SQL & NoSQL Databases, Data warehousing and ETL Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithm understanding and I have a strong background in SQL, Hive Query Optimizations and Spark Optimizations

Data Engineer Intern at CBL

  • • Designed and implemented a real-time scalable data pipeline to process semi-structured data by integrating 390 million raw records from 25+ data sources using Kafka and PySpark and store processed data in AWS Redshift.
  • • Utilized Spark Streaming to consolidate and clean transactional and event data resulting in speed improvements of 20% in the production

Software Engineer Intern at Neiman Marcus

  • • Developed REST APIs for segmentation, personalized recommendations and omnichannel messaging that reduced cart-abandonment rate by 22%, leading to a $0.4 M increase in online sales.
  • • Optimized an effective CI/CD pipeline for MuleSoft applications resulting in an 18 percent reduction in time to market of new applications.
  • • Supported Enterprise Operations team for critical applications with issue triage and resolution and reduced support cases by 15% implementing proactive monitoring.

Senior Systems Engineer at Infosys

  • • Designed and developed ETL workflows in Informatica PowerCenter and automated data gathering from SQL databases through schedulers and event-based triggers, which reduced the team size by 10%.
  • • Resolved critical performance bottlenecks using SQL Query tuning techniques resulting in reduced costs of system resources by 20%.
  • • Saved 16 hours/week of manual work by creating a reusable object that calculates MD5 used in SCD1 type mappings.

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  • Phone: +425 551 9040
  • Degree: Master's
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Besides my professional career I am a soccer player. I love travelling , I love exploring new things, be it about some technology, be it some place, be it anything.


Python Programming
Big Data
Data Analytics
CLoud Applications(AWS)
Other Languages (Scala, Shell Scripting)
Data Structures & Algorithms/System Design
Operating Systems (Linux)


Data Engineering Project

Built a reusable production-grade data pipeline that automates data warehouse ETL and incorporates data quality checks and allows for easy backfills.

Python Programming Project

Designed a slack bot using the slack api and then create a python script that will allow your slack bot to send messages

DS & Algo Project

Designed a card game with Python, where each player draws a card from the deck and the player with the highest card wins.



Few of my colleagues, Managers, Tech Architects as well as my fellow students at Academic Projects and Student organisations have recommendations on me